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To determine the use attainment status at each sampling location, the following guidelines are used(From: Setting Ecologically-Based Water Quality Goals: Ohio's Tiered Aquatic Life Use Designations Turn 20 Years Old Paper)

  • Full Attainment- Stream or tributary designated use is considered to be fully attained when all of the biological indices meet the biocriteria value for the applicable use designation, for the Eastern Corn Belt Plains ecoregion, and site(wading or boat) type. Values that are within the nonsignificant departure range (4 IBI or ICI units; 0.5 Miwb units) are considered to meet the biocriteria. 
  • Partial Attainment- Stream or tributary designated use is considered to be partially attained if one or two biological indices indicate attainment, but others do not; for the EWH and WWH use designations, the biological indices that fail to meet the applicable biocriteria must at least be within the fair range of performance.
  • Non-Attainment- Stream or tributary designated use is not attained if all of the biological indices fail to meet the biocriteria, or if either organism group reflects poor or very poor performance, even if the other organism group meets the biocriteria.

Biocriteria for Eastern Corn Belt Plains(ECBP)

Index- Site Type WWH EWH MWH
IBI- Headwaters/Wading 40 50 24
Mod. Iwb- Wading 8.3 9.4 5.8
ICI 36 46 22

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Last updated: April 7, 2009.