Members of the Darby Joint Board

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Members of the Darby Joint Board of Supervisors:

  • Mike Terry, Chairman, Champaign SWCD
  • Bill Black, Vice-Chairman, Pickaway SWCD
  • Matt Staley, Secretary/Treasurer, Union SWCD
  • Andra Troyer, Member, Madison SWCD
  • Richard Mason, Member, Champaign SWCD

Darby Watershed Coordinator:

Katherine Skalak
Darby Watershed Coordinator
18000 State Route 4, Suite B
Marysville, OH 43040
Phone: (937)642-5871 option 3
Fax: (937)642-2825

Darby Watershed Planning Team:

  • Pam Boerger
  • Lenny Losh
  • Bob Scott
  • Andra Troyer

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