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  1. We believe in maintaining the agricultural values that are responsible for the pristine condition of the Darby Creek Watershed.
  2. We encourage establishment and/or maintenance of adequate tile outlets as a top priority in the Darby Creek watershed
  3. We encourage no-till farming on all cropland to reduce erosion which will improve water quality, and reduce labor, machinery and fuel cost.
  4. We encourage use of best management practices on highly erodible lands
  5. We encourage ditch maintenance through the petition ditch process.(Ohio Revised Code(ORC) 1515 or 6131)
  6. We encourage installation of standardized tiled systems on agricultural lands needing drainage.
  7. We encourage soil testing of all cropland acres every 2 years with public program cost-sharing.  Benefits: Balancing crop fertilizer needs and nutrient reduction of streams.

Water Quality

  1. We promote improved water quality by establishment of riparian buffers.
  2. We encourage the removal of logjams that impede stream flow and cause stream bank erosion.
  3. We encourage universal Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) testing based on scientific data for stream/channel designations.
  4. We encourage seining for educational/scientific purposes instead of electro shocking.

Urban Sprawl

  1. We encourage required maintenance of adjacent streams and channels when a new subdivision or rural residential permits are granted
  2. We encourage landowners to address septic system needs where water quality is impacted by such systems
  3. We encourage the education of rural landowner/developers about the importance of tile systems and outlets and their maintenance.


We encourage agencies or groups interested in the Darby Creek Watershed to contact us either by calling your local SWCD.

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Last updated: April 7, 2009.