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What is the Low Interest Loan Program?
Who is eligible?
How do I apply?
What may be funded?
Participating banks
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What is the Low Interest Loan Program?

The Ohio EPA's Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) offers landowners below-market interest rate loans for agricultural equipment and practices that improve water quality of local streams specifically located in the Darby Creek watershed. 

While banks and other financial institutions offer finances at lower than market values the Ohio EPA accepts the lower interest rates on its certificates of deposit (CDs) through these same lenders.  Under the program, cooperators can receive as much as a 5% rate reduction in the interest rates on their loans.

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Who is eligible?

Residents of the Darby Creek watershed may be eligible for enrollment.  Do you farm or live in one of these watersheds?  Then make an appointment with your county Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) to develop a conservation plan.

This low interest loan program has been around for over ten years.  Many landowners have participated and the average amount received was $34,982 per practice.

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How do I apply?

  1. A landowner develops a whole farm conservation program with their local SWCD.
  2. The county SWCD Board of Supervisors reviews and approves the farm conservation plan.  Upon approval, the Board issues a Certificate of Qualification, which identifies the proposed improvements from the farm's conservation plan that are eligible for the WPCLF program.
  3. The landowner visits a local bank participating in the WPCLF program.  Upon presentation of the Certificate of Qualification by the landowner, the bank evaluates the credit-worthiness of the landowner using its own criteria.  If these criteria are met, the bank then enters into a loan agreement with the landowner.
  4. The bank sends an investment request form to Ohio EPA, which identifies the landowner and the terms of the loan.  A copy of the Certificate of Qualification is also submitted.
  5. Upon approval, the Ohio EPA disburses funs to the bank and receives a certificate of deposit.  The term is equal to the bank's loan with the landowner, but does not exceed 20 years.  The interest rate in the certificate of deposit is discounted below the bank's normal cost of funds.  The bank's repayment schedule in the certificate of deposit contains semi-annual payments of principal and interest.  The interest rate of the bank's loan to the landowner is reduced by the same amount as the discount the bank received.
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What May be Funded?

  • Conservation tillage equipment
  • Manure handling equipment and storage facilities
  • Erosion Control structures and practices(filter strips, grassed waterways, riparian tree plantings, etc.)
  • Livestock exclusion fencing
  • Alternative Watering sources for livestock
  • Site-specific farming equipment (GPS yield monitoring and mapping equipment, prescription nutrient placement, etc.)
  • Rinse pads for on farm handling of chemical and petroleum products
  • Improved chemical application equipment
  • Restore or build wetlands
  • Critical area seeding
  • Stop logs and Water and Sediment Control Basins (WASCOBs)
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Participating Banks

Located in Bellefontaine, Circleville, London, Marysville, Plain City, Richwood, Springfield and West Jefferson.


    Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA
    1653 U.S. 68 North
    P.O. Box 478
    Bellefontaine, OH 43311
    Phone: (519)599-6118


    Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA
    617 Lancaster Pike
    P.O. Box 679
    Circleville, OH 43113
    Phone: (614)474-7569


    Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA
    136 East High Street
    London, OH 43140
    Phone: (740)852-5216

   The Huntington National Bank
    61 S. Main St.
    London, OH 43140
    Phone: (740)852-1234


    The Delaware County Bank and Trust
    1169 West Fifth St.
    Marysville, OH 43040
    Phone: (937)599-6118

    Huntington National Bank
    220 West Fifth St.
    Marysville, OH 43040

Plain City

    The Richwood Banking Company
    601 W. Main St.
    Richwood, OH 43064


    The Richwood Banking Company
    28 N. Franklin St.
    Richwood, OH 43344


    Farm Credit Services of America, ACA
    2241 Troy Rd.
    Springfield, OH 45504
    Phone: (513)399-4560

West Jefferson

    Huntington National Bank
    41 E. Main St.
    West Jefferson, OH 43162
    Phone: (614)879-8385

Certificate of Qualification Form

The Certificate of Qualification Form is available here so you may view it.

For More Information

Contact your local SWCD office to begin your conservation plan.

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