Mussels and Clams Album 2

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purple_wartyback.jpg (74155 bytes)

Purple Wartyback Mussel

(Cyclonaias tuberculata)


(Quadrula cylindrica cylindrica)

Rainbow_mussel.jpg (50115 bytes)

Rainbow Mussel

(Villosa iris)

Rayed Bean Mussel

(Vilosa fabalis)

round_pigtoe.gif (69781 bytes)

Round Pigtoe

(Pleurobema sintoxia)

salamander_mussel2.jpg (25862 bytes)

Salamander Mussel

(Simpsonaias ambigua)

Slipper_mussel.jpg (26370 bytes)

Slipper Mussel

(Alasmidonta viridis)

Little_darby_spike_inout3.jpg (513504 bytes)

Spike- Little Darby Spike

(Elliptio dilatata)

Spike_inout2.jpg (642785 bytes)


(Elliptio dilatata)

Little_darby_spike_and_normal_spike2.jpg (627769 bytes)

Little Darby Spike vs. regular Spike

Three_ridge_outside1.jpg (801914 bytes)

Three Ridge Mussel

(Amblema plicata)

Three_ridge_mussel_field.jpg (1955015 bytes)

Three Ridge Mussel

(Amblema plicata)

Wabash_pigtoe_mussel_inout2.jpg (601054 bytes)

Wabash Pigtoe Mussel

(Fusconaia flava)

Washboard Mussel

(Megalonaias nervosa)

Wavy_rayed_lamp_mussel_live_field.jpg (1334316 bytes)

Wavy rayed Lampmussel

(Lampsilis fasciola)

White Heelsplitter

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