Mussels and Clams Album 1

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There are a variety of  Freshwater Mussels and Clams that live in the Darby Watershed.  There are many varieties and a good sampling of these mussels and clams are listed here.  

asian_clam.jpg (8151 bytes)

Asian Clam

(Corbicula fluminea)

blacksandshell.jpg (27268 bytes)

Black Sandshell

(Ligumia recta)

deer_toe.jpg (28875 bytes)


(Truncilla truncata)

elktoe2.jpg (27567 bytes)

Elktoe Mussel

(Alasmidonta marginata)

elephantear.jpg (33624 bytes)

Elephant Ear

(Elliptio crassidens)

Fat_mucket_inout1.jpg (520965 bytes)


(Lampsilis siliquoidea)


(Truncilla donaciformis)

Fingernail_clam_outside1.jpg (499951 bytes)

Fingernail Clam


Fingernail_clam_size.jpg (753670 bytes)

Fingernail Clam- size perspective

Fluted_shell.jpg (1231590 bytes)


(Lasmigona costata)

fluted_shell3.jpg (26225 bytes)


(Lasmigona costata)

fragile_papershell.gif (19460 bytes)

Fragile Papershell

(Leptodea fragilis)

Giant_floater_ouside1.jpg (699523 bytes)

Giant Floater

(Anodonta grandis)

Kidney_mussel_inout3.jpg (634802 bytes)


(Ptychobranchus fasciolaris)

Northern_riffleshell.gif (84809 bytes)

Northern Riffleshell

(Epioblasma torulosa rangiana)


(Quadrula pustulosa)

pink_papershell.gif (44297 bytes)

Pink Papershell

(Potamilus ohiensis)

Pistolgrip Mussel

(Tritogonia verrucosa)

pocketbook.gif (89132 bytes)


(Lampsilis Ovata)


(Uniomerus tetralamus)


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