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The pictures of the watershed are available by two different methods.  By clicking on map, you will bring up a map of the subwatershed. On the map there will be areas that are clickable and are hyperlinked to a photo of that area.  In the album section, there are thumbnail photographs with captions.   Most pictures on this site were taken by Katherine Skalak, former Watershed Coordinator and a few were taken by the planning team.  A few pictures are courtesy of The Ohio EPA.  Please contact the your local SWCD for more information.

This section of the website is still being constructed. In some watersheds, we have many pictures while in others there are few or no pictures.  This will be updated in the near future.

Big Darby Creek Subwatersheds:

  1. Headwaters Big Darby Creek  map album  
  2. Flat Branch map album  
  3. Big Darby Creek below Flat Branch to Milford Center (including Spain Creek)  map album  
  4. Buck Run map album  
  5. Robinson Run map album  
  6. Big Darby Creek from Milford Center to Plain City  map album  
  7. Sugar Run map album
  8. Middle Big Darby (Plain City to High Free Pike)  map album
  9. Headwaters Little Darby Creek (above Treacle Creek) map album
  10. Treacle Creek and Proctor Run map album  
  11. Middle Little Darby Creek (Treacle Creek to Spring Fork) map album  
  12. Spring Fork map album 
  13. Lower Little Darby Creek (Spring Fork to confluence with Big Darby) map album    
  14. Big Darby I-70 to I-71  map album
  15. Hellbranch map album
  16. Middle Lower Big Darby Creek (Hellbranch to Darbyville)  map album  
  17. Lower Big Darby (Darbyville to confluence with Big Darby)  map album  

Other Albums:

  1. Summer 2007- Ohio EPA 2007 Testing map album
  2. September 15, 2007- Canoe Trip/Educational Program- album
  3. Mussels and clams of the Darby Watershed album- album
  4. April 26, 2008- Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve- album
  5. Orleton Farms- map album
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Last updated: April 7, 2009.