Robinson Run- Historical Data

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Ohio EPA has sampled Robinson Run subwatershed  6 times at a total of 3 sites since 1992.   Robinson Run is designated Warm Water Habitat(WWH).  Available pictures near each site can be accessed by clicking on the (u) for the upstream view of the site or the (d) for the downstream view next to the site number.  More pictures are available in the Robinson Run picture album or map.

Site #  Stream(designation)   River Mile  Location Date Sampled  Type 

Drainage Area (mi2) 

IBIa (Fish)  Mod. Iwbb  ICIc (Bugs)  QHEId  Attainment

1 (u) (d)

Robinson Rune  5.5 Hawn Rd. 2001 Bugs  5 -  -  VP  -  Non
2(u) (d) Robinson Rune  2.1 Downstream Hickory Ridge 7/21/2001   Fish and Bugs 8.4 30 4.04 F  64 Non
3 (u) (d) Robinson Rune  0.8/0.7  US 42 2001 Fish and Bugs  11.5 30 3.844 G  70 Partial
      3 Robinson Rune  0.8/ 0.7  US 42 1992 Fish and Bugs  11.5 36 7.224 32 72 Full
     3 Robinson Rune  0.7 US 42 7/2/1992 Fish  11.5 32 6.071 -  72 Non
     3 Robinson Rune  0.7 US 42 9/2/1992 Fish  11.5 40 8.377 -  72 Full

a. IBI=Index of Biotic Integrity

b. Mod. Iwb= Modified Index of Well-being

c. Narrative evaluation is used in lieu of Invertebrate Community Index(ICI) for qualitative samples:

   G=Good, F=Fair(non-attainment), and VP= Very Poor (non-attainment)

d. QHEI=Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index

e. Warm Water Habitat(WWH)

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