Watercourse Definitions Summary Maps

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Stream/Channel Definitions Summary Maps

All Data is in percent total miles in each subwatershed- All files open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download this program for free here.

Highest %: Lower Little Darby  57.4%
  Lowest %*: Middle Little Darby 10.2%

Modified Stream
Highest %: Middle Little Darby  39.2%
  Lowest %*: Sugar Run 1.8%

Highest %: Headwaters Big Darby  58.9%
  Lowest %*: Flat Branch 1.6%

Modified Channel
Highest %: Robinson Run 54.7%
  Lowest %: Headwaters Big Darby 2.9%


Man-Made Channel
Highest %: Flat Branch 44.5%
  Lowest %: Lower Little Darby 0.8%

Maintained Man-Made Channel
Highest %: Lower Little Darby  57.4%
  Lowest %*: Middle Little Darby 10.2%



*Some subwatersheds do not have all classifications.  Lowest percentage represents the subwatershed that has that classification and has the lowest percentage.

If you would like to view all the definitions maps in one pdf document, that is also available by clicking here.  This is a 1.1 MB document so this method is not recommended for users with slower internet connections.

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