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Darby Creek Watershed Inventory - Final Draft - March 21, 2005

B. Slope of Soils
         C. Prime Farmland Ratings
          D. County Maintained Ditch Data (2 pages)
          E. Public Water Supplies
          F. Ohio Historical Locations
  •       All
         G. County Zoning Rules and Planning Recommendations
          H. Environmental and Natural Resource Species Lists (8 pages)
         I. Historical (1979 - 2002) Darby Watershed Sampling Results (15 pages)
         J. 2001 - 2002 Ohio EPA Sampling Results (6 pages)
         K. 2001 - 2002 Ohio EPA Bacteria Sampling Results (2 pages)
         L. Fish Kills in Darby Watershed
         M. Landowner Survey Summary (2 pages)
         N. NPDES Narratives (19 pages)

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