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Big Darby Creek Subwatersheds:

  1. Headwaters Big Darby Creek(Headwaters to Flat Branch)
  2. Flat Branch
  3. Big Darby Creek below Flat Branch to Milford Center(including Spain Creek)
  4. Buck Run
  5. Robinson Run
  6. Big Darby Creek from Milford Center to Plain City
  7. Sugar Run
  8. Middle Big Darby(Plain City to High Free Pike)
  9. Headwaters Little Darby Creek(above Treacle Creek)
  10. Treacle Creek and Proctor Run
  11. Middle Little Darby Creek(Treacle Creek to Spring Fork)
  12. Spring Fork
  13. Lower Little Darby Creek(Spring Fork to confluence with Big Darby)
  14. Big Darby I-70 to I-71
  15. Hellbranch
  16. Middle Lower Big Darby Creek(Hellbranch to Darbyville)
  17. Lower Big Darby(Darbyville to confluence with Big Darby) 

Need additional information?

For more information on the Darby Watershed, check out the  other watershed documents or contact  the Darby Watershed Coordinator.

Other Watershed Documents:

    1. 2001-2002 Biological and Water Quality Study  

    2. Scioto Basin Water Quality Standards Use Designations

    3. Darby Watershed Inventory

    4. Total Maximum Daily Load

    3. Big Darby Creek Subwatershed plans


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