Darby Watershed Summary Maps

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Summary Maps

By having each subwatershed plan as a separate document, it is easier for a landowner to just view the section of his/her interest.  Another aspect of the planning process is to compare the subwatersheds to each other based on various attributes.  The best way to show this is graphically on a series of maps.   The maps are divided into the following categories:

  1. Stream/Channel Buffers and Vegetation
  2. Soil Data
  3. Land Use
  4. Stream/Channel Definitions
  5. Ohio EPA Water Quality Testing Data
  6. Conservation Programs
  7. Total Maximum Daily Load(TMDL) data
  8. 2000 Census Data
  9. Other(includes tributary lengths, flood plain and golf course information)

If you would like to view all maps in one pdf document, that is also available by clicking here.  This is a 24.5 MB document and will take approximately 3-4 minutes to open on a fast connection.

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